Lakeway Municipal Utility District (LMUD), established in 1972, provides water, wastewater and some reuse services to many of the homes and businesses in the City of Lakeway and a portion of the Village of the Hills. LMUD serves over 4,200 water customers and over 3,000 wastewater customers.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide our customers superior water, wastewater and water reuse services at reasonable costs in an efficient manner, today and in the future.

Core Values


Gain and maintain trust by:

  • Demonstrating commitment to our values in ways that provide overall benefit.
  • Consistently doing what is right and appropriate.
  • Being fair with others and asking the same from them in return.
  • Being honest and acting with integrity.
  • Complying with the letter and spirit of legal and regulatory requirements.


Satisfy needs by:

  • Demonstrating high productivity through commitment and competent performance.
  • Being cost conscious in decisions and actions without compromising satisfaction and quality.
  • Being innovative and responsive to ideas, technology and learning.


Gain and keep the confidence and respect of our customers, employees and community by:

  • Being courteous, responsive and helpful to others.
  • Being reliable and consistent by attending to details and taking timely action.
  • Demonstrating excellence and openness by continuing to improve our communications and actions.
  • Being socially and environmentally responsible.


Retain a satisfied, productive work force that serves our customers and community by:

  • Focusing and agreeing on clear, meaningful goals and sound implementations.
  • Encouraging and supporting ideas, growth, and community service.
  • Providing a positive, safe work environment.
  • Providing recognition and competitive compensation.