Customer Rates

All bi-monthly billings are mailed on or before the first of all even number months. For more information on the billing cycle, click here.
A 10% penalty is added if payment is not received in our office on the 20th of the even number months. SECOND NOTICES will be sent once the payment is past due.

Service is subject to termination on the 10th of each odd number month or anytime thereafter. Returned checks will not be re-deposited, a $25.00 charge is added and the service is subject to termination.

Security Deposit Fees, Tap Fees, Plumbing Fees, and other deposits, fees, and charges can be found in the Rate Order as well as on our website here.

Billing for water and wastewater services will commence on the service start date, whether or not the property is occupied. The first billing will be prorated over the number of days the service was active. For new construction, billing for services will commence when the water meter is set. This includes water volume usage, plus water and wastewater base charges, plus minimum volume charge of 6,000 per month for wastewater. See Winter Averaging or our Rate Order for details.

State Regulatory Fee (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality): .005 of total water and sewer.

In District and Out of District
*Drought Rate effective August 15, 2023
BASE RATE – monthlyFY 2024Drought Rate*
Effective Stage 2 Drought Contingency Plan
Standard Meter (5/8″)$24.00
1″ meter$40.80
1.5″ meter$79.20
2″ meter$127.20
4″ meter$400.80
VOLUME RATE – per 1,000 gallons
0 to 15,000 gallons$2.50no change
15,001 to 30,000 gallons$3.25no change
30,001 to 50,000 gallons$4.06$5.06
50,001 to 80,000 gallons$5.08$7.08
80,0001 to 100,000 gallons$6.35$9.35
Over 100,000 gallons$7.94$11.94

Commercial Customers:
Due to higher wastewater density, restaurants and food establishments will have a multiplier of “2” applied to the volume rate.  Other commercial customers currently have a density multiplier of “1.”

BASE RATE – monthlyFY 2024
In District
Standard Meter (5/8″)$18.00
1″ Meter$30.60
1.5″ Meter$59.40
2″ Meter$95.40
4″ Meter$300.60
Out of District
Standard Meter (5/8″)$78.00
1″ Meter$132.60
1.5″ Meter$257.40
2″ Meter$413.40
4″ Meter$1,302.60

In District and Out of District
VOLUME RATE* – per 1,000 gallons$2.50
Based on the lowest of the prior Dec./Jan. or Feb./Mar. water volume. See Winter Averaging for details.
Customers at a Service Address with a grinder pump system installed prior to February 2018:Customers at a Service Address with a grinder pump system installed by the District:
– Until all Grinder Pump system components covered by the Grinder Pump Program have been replaced by the District or its authorized agent, a fee equal to:
$5.00/month, plus
– The District’s cost of each part and/or material needing to be replaced for the Grinder Pump system to function properly
– After all eligible Grinder Pump system components have been replaced by the District or its authorized agent, a fee equal to:$5.00/month
$5.00/month, beginning on the date the Service Address was connected to the District’s System.
(If applicable. See Grinder Pump Service and Maintenance Addendum for details)

*The wastewater volume charge is based on winter averaging and is effective every October 1st which begins our Fiscal Year. The new charge will be on the December utility bill.

Winter averaging is calculated by looking at the water usage between November and January and between January and March. We use the lower of the two usages except if one is zero, then we will use the other. The minimum we bill is 2,000 gallons and the maximum is 30,000 gallons. 

For example: if January usage was 49,000 gallons and March usage was 24,000 gallons, we will use the March usage for wastewater volume charge for the next Fiscal Year.

New residential customers will be assigned a volume of 12,000 gallons bi-monthly, until they have developed a winter average history. 

More information about Winter Averaging can be found here.