Before making a Connection to the District’s System, all applicable fees must be paid to the District to cover the costs of processing the application, making the Connection, and setting the Meter (if applicable).  

Rate Order 

While this page contains a general summary of our Service Fees, our Rate Order contains a comprehensive view of our rates and policies.  

Payment Methods  

  • Credit/Debit Card: We accept all major cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  
  • Bank Draft: We will need your account and routing number to process your payment.  
  • Cash: We have limited change available at our customer service office. Any cash payments made above the balance due will be added as a credit to your account.  

Payment Options 

  • By Phone: One-time payments with a credit/debit card or bank draft can be made over the phone by calling our customer service office at (512) 261-6222 during regular business hours. 
  • On the Website: Secure payments are accepted 24/7/365 via our website through the “Pay My Bill” link.  Select the “Quick Pay” option and enter your account number to make a one-time payment without logging into your account. For additional services – including signing up for automatic payments or paperless billing, changing your contact information, and submitting a service call – register and log in to your account. 
  • In Person: Payments are accepted at our customer service office located at 1097 Lohmans Crossing, Lakeway, TX 78734. Outside of business hours, there is a red drop box near the parking lot where payments can be securely deposited; please be sure to include your name and service address on the payment. 
  • Autopay: We accept automatic bill payment by bank draft or credit/debit card. To sign up, you will need to submit an “Authorization for Automatic Payments” form. Your account will be drafted up to two business days before the due date. You will continue to receive a bill advising you of the amount of the draft. The first drafting of your account will occur on the next billing period after receipt of this authorization. 

Convenience Fee 

THE LMUD Board of Directors approved an automatic $2 convenience fee to each credit card transaction, starting with the December 2022 bill cycle, to help offset rising costs. Customers may still pay by cash, check, or ACH transfer payments with no additional fees. Customers on AutoPay can choose to switch from credit card to bank draft by logging into their account or by calling the LMUD District Office during regular business hours at (512) 261-6222. 

Service Fee 

This fee is due by every customer signing up for new service. It is charged at the time of submittal of a Service Application to cover the cost of application review and setting up an account.

Service Application Fee$50.00

Security Deposit 

Due at time of service application, this fee may be waived by supplying customer service with a letter of good credit showing 12 months of consecutive timely payments from a previous utility provider (must be a current provider). If after 12 months of continuous service from LMUD a customer has had no late charges, rejected payments, or discontinuation of service for any reason, and/or violation of any terms of the LMUD Rate Order, we will, without request by Customer, apply the Security Deposit to Customer’s account and refund the balance, if any, to the Customer. If service is terminated prior to the 12 months of service, the deposit will be applied to a final bill if the above mentioned conditions are met.

Water Only$150.00$250.00$500.00$800.00$2,600.00
Water & Wastewater$400.00$700.00$1,300.00$2,100.00$6,650.00
Fire Hydrant Meters $1,400.00$1,400.00$1,400.00$1,400.00$1,400.00

Late Charges 

For each Billing Period, there shall be added to a Customer’s bill a late charge of 10% of the Customer’s bill if payment is not received by the Payment Due Date, and this late charge will continue to be assessed each Billing Period while the delinquent amount remains unpaid. If the Payment Due Date falls on a weekend or an official District holiday, the Payment Due Date shall be extended to the next full business day. 

Fee for Failed Payment 

A failed payment is a declined or refused credit or debit card charge, a returned check, a failed bank draft, or any other similar form of declined, failed, or refused payment. A late charge may also be assessed if the failed payment results in the receipt of payment after the Payment Due Date.

Failed Payment Fee$25.00 per failed transaction

Termination of Service / Reconnection Fee 

If payment of all delinquent and past due amounts has not been made by 12:00 noon on the date specified by written notice to the Customer, and no other arrangements for payment have been made, service will be disconnected. In order to reconnect Service, the Customer must pay all delinquent and past due amounts plus the reconnection fee. 

Reconnection Fee$50.00
Reconnection fee after hours$100.00 

Leak Adjustment Inquiry 

LMUD customers receive alerts automatically by email (voice and text options are also available) if our WaterSmart portal detects continuous water use of 25 gallons or more. An adjustment will be considered only if water usage for a Billing Period exceeds by 30,000 gallons the water used in the same period of the previous year and if said excessive usage is attributed to the malfunction of equipment on the Customer’s side of the Meter (as opposed to Customer negligence). For consideration, Customer should send proof of malfunction and verification of repair (ie: receipt or invoice showing specific line items of work completed) to LMUD Customer Service at or dropped off/mailed in to Lakeway MUD at 1097 Lohmans Crossing, Lakeway, TX 78734. If conditions are met in accordance with our current Rate Order, customer is eligible to receive a credit to their LMUD account. 

Easement Release Request 

Customers requesting the release of their utility easement should submit an “Easement Release Request” form. Once submitted, it will be presented at the next available Board of Directors meeting for consideration. A separate Easement Release request must be submitted to each potentially impacted utility that could require access to the easement. 

Non-Standard$50.00 + $60.00 per hour or actual billed + 10%