Note: Charges to Customer accounts will begin on the date service is made available, regardless of whether the Customer connects to LMUD’s system.

Potable Water charges: Potable water charges are calculated by the amount of water flowing into a home or place of business through the water meter assigned to each service address. LMUD water meters are read remotely at the beginning of every odd-numbered month (Jan., Mar., May, Jul., Sept., Nov.) and Customers receive their bill during the first week of each even-numbered month (Feb., Apr., Jun., Aug., Oct., Dec). LMUD customer rates can be found here.

Wastewater charges: Wastewater does not have a separate meter, so LMUD Customers are charged a set fee each fiscal year based on their water usage during “winter averaging” which takes place November through February each year. The lower volume usage of the two billing cycles during these months determines your volume charge for wastewater for the next 12 months. For more information, click here.

Late Fees: Bills are mailed and/or e-mailed (depending on the preferences you stated in your Service Contract) every two months. It is considered late after the Payment Due Date (see below). A penalty is added for all late payments. If service is terminated, a non-payment/reconnection fee must be paid in full to reestablish service. Please see Rate Order for details.

Billing PeriodBilled Usage PeriodMeter Reading Date (Range)Bills SentPayment Due
October/November9/21 — 11/20November 1-5December 1December 20
December/January11/21 – 1/20January 1-5February 1February 20
February/March1/21 — 3/20March 1-5April 1April 20
April/May3/21 — 5/20May 1-5June 1June 20
June/July5/21 — 7/20July 1-5August 1August 20
August/September7/21 — 9/20September 1-5October 1October 20