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LCRA Residential Rebates Program

Residents who receive water from a list of Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) water customers, including from Lakeway MUD (LMUD), have the option to apply for the WaterSmart Rebates Program through the LCRA website. This program can help offset the cost of services and equipment to save water and money.

Apply for the rebates at WaterSmart.org/rebates. Your application must be submitted within 90 days of making the upgrades and include itemized receipts and photos of the upgraded equipment. WaterSmart rebates cover equipment costs, not labor or tax.

Save Water and Money

Outdoor irrigation systems account for more than half of all thr water used during hot summer months. Much of this water is wasted due to poorly maintained equipment or incorrectly programmed controllers, which can lead to overwatering. Using too much water wastes resources and creates landscapes more prone to diseases and pests. The Lower Colorado Rover Authority’s WaterSmart Rebates program can help offset the cost of upgrading irrigation systems, maintaining landscapes and pools, and installing rainwater harvesting equipment to help you save water and money.

Become Water Efficient

LCRA and its customers offer evaluations for automatic sprinkler systems and rebates to help upgrade systems with water-efficient devices. Rebates also are available for pool filters and covers, landscape aeration, compost and mulch, and rainwater harvesting equipment.

You qualify for WaterSmart rebates if you are a resident who receives water from one of LCRA’s water customers.

Irrigation System Evaluations

An irrigation system evaluation will properly assess your sprinkler system’s needs, make you aware of any necessary repairs, and could help lower your water use by up to 30 percent.

Follow these steps to be reimbursed for an irrigation system evaluation:

  1. Contact your water provider to see if they have an irrigation evaluation program. If not, hire a licensed irrigator. Find a link to TCEQ’s list of licensed irrigators at WaterSmart.org/rebates.
  2. Go to WaterSmart.org/rebates, print the irrigator’s checklist and have your irrigator complete the checklist during their assessment.
  3. Go to WaterSmart.org/rebates, complete the rebate application and submit your completed irrigator’s checklist.
  4. After processing your application, LCRA will mail you a check up to $85 for the cost of the inspection.

WaterSmart Rebates

LCRA offers rebates for 50 percent of the cost, up to $600 per residential property, for:

  • Up to $5 per pressure-regulating head or nozzle
  • Up to $100 for pressure-reducing valves and in-line regulators
  • Up to $250 for soil moisture sensors
  • Up to $20 for a rain sensor
  • Up to $100 for pre-approved WaterSense smart controllers
  • Up to $250 for a high-efficiency cartridge pool filter
  • Up to $50 for a manual or solar ring pool cover, or up to $200 for a permanent mechanical pool cover
  • Up to $50 for aeration equipment rental or contractor costs
  • Up to $150 for compost and mulch (no activated sewer sludge)
  • $0.25 per gallon of storage capacity for non-potable rainwater harvesting equipment, 100 gallons or greater, up to $600 or until sizing capacity is met, whichever is less.

For a full list of rebate options available from LCRA or to apply for the rebates, please visit the LCRA website. Stop by the LMUD district office located at 1097 Lohmans Crossing for more publications with water saving tips.

If you have questions, please contact LCRA staff at WaterSmart@lcra.org or call (512) 578-3200.

LCRA can terminate the WaterSmart Rebates program at any time.

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