If at any time you have questions, please contact us:

  • Phone: (512) 261-6222 ext. 110
  • E-mail: customerservice@lakewaymud.org
  • District Office Location: 1097 Lohmans Crossing, Lakeway, TX 78734
  • Business Hours: M-F 8:00 am- 5:00 pm (closed from noon to 1:00pm for lunch), Closed Holidays (see complete list)

To Stop Service

Step 1

Complete and Submit:

  • Effective Date: please submit this form at least 24-hours before the effective termination date.

Step 2

Complete and Submit (optional):

To Change Service

All current customers who are changing locations within our service area will need to fill out a ⇒Request for Termination of Service at their current service address and a new ⇒Application and Service Contract for the new service address. See below guidelines for setting up new service. Upfront Application Fees may vary or be waived for existing customers with good credit history. Contact us during regular business hours for details or if you have questions.

To Start Service

Welcome to Lakeway MUD! Please take a moment to learn a bit about Who We Are, our Services, and our Coverage Area. A list of all of our fees and policies can be found in our Rate Order.

Step 1

Please confirm that you are in our coverage area before filling out an application.

Complete and Submit:

  • Date Service to Begin: please submit this form at least 24-hours before the effective start date.
  • Grinder Pump: Please mark “unsure” if you do not know if there is a grinder pump at the property. If you do have a grinder pump, please see below for details.

Step 2

Submit Upfront Payments: Once we notify you that your account has been created (by phone or e-mail), call us to pay any applicable upfront fees or stop by our district office in person. See Rate Order fees.

  • Service will not begin until these upfront fees are paid.
  • Once these steps have been taken, you can choose to utilize any of our available Options (listed below) to simplify your account management and payments.
  • Your billing will begin as soon as your service is initiated. The first billing will be prorated over the number of days the service was active. Charge will include water volume usage, plus water and wastewater base charges, plus minimum volume charge of 6,000 per month for wastewater. See Winter Averaging or our Rate Order for details.
  • Contact us anytime you have questions or concerns regarding your utility-side plumbing or water quality.
  • Please do not attempt to tamper with LMUD’s water meter or use LMUD’s water cutoff valve. If you do not have a customer-side shut off valve, you can have one installed by a licensed plumber.
  • We do not cover sprinkler maintenance or general plumbing concerns inside your home.

Upfront Application Fees

These fees must be received before service can be initiated. Please see our Rate Order for current fees or give us a call.

Service Fee

All customers with an existing water meter must pay a nonrefundable Service Fee, which is due at the time of submittal of an Application and Service Contract.

Security Deposit

Customers may avoid the need for a security deposit if they have 12 months of previous good credit with us on file or are able to supply us with a letter from another utility company on its letterhead stating satisfactory credit history for the previous year. Note: This balance is automatically refundable after 12 months of timely payments or a termination request (whichever comes first) after the last meter reading.

Billing Cycle

Your bill will be mailed and/or e-mailed (depending on the preferences you stated in your Service Contract) every two months. It is considered late after the Payment Due date. A penalty is added for all late payments. If service is terminated, a non-payment/reconnection fee must be paid in full to reestablish service. Please see Rate Order for details.

Billing PeriodBilled UsagePeriod Meter Reading Date (Range)Bills SentPayment Due
October/November9/21 — 11/20November 1-5December 1December 20
December/January11/21 – 1/20January 1-5February 1February 20
February/March1/21 — 3/20March 1-5April 1April 20
April/May3/21 — 5/20May 1-5June 1June 20
June/July5/21 — 7/20July 1-5August 1August 20
August/September7/21 — 9/20September 1-5October 1October 20

Irrigation Schedule

We have a year-round water conservation plan in effect that regulates how often and when you can water your lawn. A reminder magnet is available for free at our district office. Please stop by to pick one up. Details on the schedule can be found here:

  • Please check your automatic irrigation controller regularly! Power outages and storms can affect their schedule.
  • Individual contracts dictate irrigation schedule for recycled water customers.

For new landscaping that requires additional watering, please apply for a variance by filling out the form


Create an Online Account

We recommend that our customers create an account through our website where you can securely make payments, keep track of your usage history, make changes to your account contact information, and submit a service call. To sign up for an account online: visit our homepage, click on “My Account” in the upper right corner, and then select “Register” in the upper right corner. You will need your account number to register. Call us if you do not know your account number.

Sign up for Automatic Payments

You can save time and potentially increase your credit score by avoiding late payments when you sign up for automatic payments. To sign up for automatic payments for your LMUD account by credit/debit card or bank draft, log in to your account on our website and click “I want to set up AutoPay” from the Help menu.

Sign Up for Paperless Billing

Please note that we mail bills by the first of the month, every two months, on even months (see above chart for details). You can change your preferences to receive statements by mail and/or e-mail from your online account under the “Help” menu, by clicking “I want to change my communication preferences” or by calling our office.

Wastewater / Grinder Pumps

Most of our In-District customers are on our public sewer system using a gravity system with no components, other than a sewer line, on the property. Other customers have a septic tank, which is regulated by the LCRA and maintained at the customer’s expense. We are in the process of implementing our Out of District Wastewater (ODWW) Project, offering customers in our Out-Of-District coverage area the option to connect to a public sewer system instead of being connected to a septic system. This option will require the addition of a grinder pump system (low-pressure sewer system) on the customer’s property. For questions about the project, please contact Stephanie Threinen, our Public Information Liaison at (512) 261-6222 ext. 175 or by e-mail at stepht@lakewaymud.org.

  • All wastewater customers should take care with what is flushed or disposed of down their drains! Flushable wipes and F.O.G. (Fats, Oils, and Grease) clog pipes. Please throw them in the trash.
  • Customers with a grinder pump should be familiar with maintenance considerations: System Maintenance Guidelines
  • Maintenance of a grinder pump is included in the wastewater base charge for accounts that have them. If you have any issues with your grinder pump system, please contact us to have it repaired.

New Construction/Remodels/Pool Installs/Irrigation Installs

For customers with new construction, remodels, pool installs, irrigation system installs, or other new installs that require plumbing or water services, we have a few more guidelines (and fees) that need to be followed (and paid) before we can issue permits and/or make connections to our water and wastewater services.

  1. All applicants adding water or wastewater service need to submit an ⇒Application and Service Contract and pay applicable upfront fees assessed to all new customers (even if they are the existing customer).
  2. Complete and Submit (after issuance, permit must be visibly posted on-site): ⇒Application for Plumbing Permit. This can be filled out by the property owner or contractor/licensed plumber (copy of license required). For irrigation projects, please read “plumber” as “irrigation specialist” and fill out accordingly.
  3. Pay Connection Fees: A tap fee will need to be paid if your project requires the installation of a water service line and meter at the property. Contact us by phone to pay any additional applicable upfront fees associated with this connection – see Fee Schedule for details.
  4. Pay for Required Inspections: There will be one or several inspections that will need be conducted throughout the installation process. For more information on these inspections, and the associated fees, please see our Rate Order for details.
  • Once a water meter is set up, you will be charged for services regardless if you are hooked into the system or not. As with all customers, once these steps have been taken, you can choose to utilize any of our available Options (listed above) to simplify your account management and payments.

Fire Hydrant Temporary Meter

Use of water from fire hydrants is limited to firefighting and activities necessary to maintain public health, safety, and welfare. Use of water from designated fire hydrants in our Coverage Area for construction purposes may be allowed under special conditions and requires a meter to be installed by LMUD. To request a temporary meter install:

  1. Complete and Submit:⇒Application and Service Contract. Use “Service Address” to notate the location of the fire hydrant. Please contact us if you are unsure whether the fire hydrant is owned by LMUD (we cannot issue meters for fire hydrants outside our Coverage Area).
  2. Complete and Submit (as per our Drought Contingency Plan):⇒Request for Variance
  3. Once you have been notified that your account has been created (by phone or e-mail), contact us by to pay applicable upfront fees or stop by our district office in person. See Rate Order for current fees.
  • You can begin using the fire hydrant as soon as the meter is set. This meter cannot be moved to another hydrant. If multiple hydrants are needed, multiple applications must be submitted. Charges apply until meter is pulled.
  1. Once project has been finalized, complete and submit: ⇒Request Termination of Service

Reuse/Recycled Water Customers

Details coming soon…please contact our district office for any questions concerning the potential option to add reuse water services to your property (limited availability).