A Celebration of Water

As published in Lakeway Voice, January 2020.

A Celebration of Water

Water is essential to all life on Earth, yet it cannot be manufactured. The same amount of water that existed from the beginning of time essentially exists today, but where it is in the water cycle and how humans interact with it determines its usability. Luckily for us, our community faces minimal water shortages, even in times of drought, but treating it involves a complicated process and continual monitoring. Lakeway is also limited to one water source: Lake Travis, so it’s vitality important to the way in which we live.

Since 1972, Lakeway Municipal Utility District (LMUD) has provided water and wastewater services to over 10,000 residents and business owners in the Lakeway community. This includes maintenance of extensive water infrastructure, including Lakeway’s iconic golf ball water tower. This year marks LMUD’s 48th anniversary, which the utility is celebrating throughout the year with a series of events aimed towards helping the community learn about smart water usage. The series kicks off in February with the unveiling of a Lakeway Historic Marker at their district office, recognizing LMUD as one of the first MUDs in Texas and the first utility provider in Lakeway. LMUD also developed one of the state’s first innovative approaches to water conservation with a water reuse system to irrigate Youpon Golf Course, which is now extended throughout the city.

Throughout the year, LMUD is hosting water-related presentations covering topics ranging from plumbing to health featuring guest speakers. Attendees will leave with information and resources that can be implemented at home or work for lifestyle, cost, and efficiency benefits.

For more information, visit www.lakewaymud.org/events.