LMUD Honors Employees’ Retirement After 19+ Years of Service

At the LMUD Board of Directors Meeting on January 9th, the Board presented a plaque to Michael Look for his 19+ years of service to the organization. Look was responsible for all of the groundskeeping and landscaping maintenance for LMUD the past 7 years. He retired on January 4th. The plaque was a representation of LMUD’s appreciation for his commitment and dedication to a job well done. Board President Larry Burmeier presented Look with the plaque stating, “Congratulations. We hope you have a wonderful retirement.” Look addressed the board at the podium stating, “I’ve seen Lakeway grow. I came down [to Lakeway] in 1976 and worked to 1982 for Bob Alpert when he had his company out here. We did all of the underground utilities for Rolling Green, Crestview, Golf Crest…I remember for Christmas, Alpert let us hunt where Rough Hollow is today, the road that goes to 71. Back then we never thought they would build a road there…” Vice President Jerry Hietpas said, “Well, the sewer system is still working in that area. I can attest to that!” followed by “and water!” from General Manager Earl Foster.

LMUD supports a team of over 20 people with an average current employment term of 13 year. The longest term of 31 years is being served by Field Operations Supervisor Tommy Farrell who is currently heading up operations for the Out of District Waster Water Project to bring a sewer system to the customers of LMUD who are currently offered only water. “I’m blessed to be surrounded by such a dedicated team of talented individuals,” said Foster. “We’re able to provide superior results to our community because of this team. Water operations is a lot more complex than most people realize, but my team understands how important it is to bring clean water to our customers and service their wastewater needs correctly. I’m thankful for the dedication each person has to doing their jobs and their commitment to this organization.”