All new construction in LMUD’s service area requires a wastewater backup relief valve. There are only a few considerations when installing a relief valve. IO Inspections (512-770-5534, will inspect the final installation and require correction if these instructions are not followed, so please follow them carefully. The location for installing the relief valve is in the top of the cleanout just outside the home. Simply remove and discard the threaded plug from the cleanout and screw in the relief valve. That’s it.

The following items are very important. Make sure that the relief valve location is:

  1. Below the slab elevation of the lowest floor
  2. At least six inches above the soil
  3. Not in an area which can be flooded

Wastewater Back-up Relief Valve Installation Illustration

After the relief valve is installed, it will be inspected as part of the normal inspection services. Call I.O. Inspections when the installation is complete, at 512-770-5534. We must insure that the installation will be effective for preventing backups and that no rainwater run-off can enter the wastewater collection system through the relief valve. We will require correction if these steps are not followed. If these steps are not followed properly, the District will notify you of non-compliance stating possible termination of water services until the installation is correct.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope that this relief valve can prevent a disaster!

Requests for installation of a water meter larger than a standard 5/8” must receive prior approval of the District’s General Manager. After completing the above requirements, a water meter will be set within 3 business days and the water and/or wastewater account will be set up immediately. This means that you will be charged water and/or wastewater base rates regardless if you are hooked into the system or not.

Please call Lakeway MUD at 512-261-6222 for the wastewater tie-in inspections
and I.O. Inspections at 512-770-5534 for all other inspections.