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A Watering Guide for Texas Landscape

Pickup this guide and other helpful water-saving literature at the LMUD district office located at 1097 Lohmans Crossing.

A Watering Guide for Texas Landscape is published and provided by Texas Water Development Board in collaboration with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.


Because Texas enjoys a vibrant economy and continued population growth, ensuring we have enough water for current and future Texans remains a top priority in the state. Fortunately, all Texans can play a role in conserving water. Outdoor water can constitute a large portion of overall residential water use so wise landscape watering is an important place to start. If we cultivate good watering habits just as we cultivate our gardens, we can use water to sustain our plants and promote healthy growth while conserving supplies for future use. The key to watering the Texas landscape wisely is threefold:

  1. Choose plants adaptive to conditions in your area of the state
  2. Measure the amount of water needed to irrigate your landscape
  3. Use the right tools and methods to deliver the optimal amount


This 10 page publication provides Texas property owners with expert insights into caring for a garden or lawn year-round by conserving water without compromising aesthetic appeal. Inside you will find:

  • Where to find experts and information on everything from planting a tree to building a garden to composting leaves.
  • How to select the right turfgrass adapted to your climate, intended use, and site specific conditions (such as shade vs. sun, soil depth/quality, irrigated vs. nonirrigated, amount of traffic, level of maintenance, etc.)
  • Determining your soil type and how to adjust your watering routine accordingly
  • Why mulch is vital in Texas landscapes and how to apply it
  • The key to efficient irrigation
  • Types of irrigation methods