Galloping Gourmets Celebrate Public Servants: COVID-Style

Sara Scarberry and Paula Barcik dropped by the LMUD district office with treats for our entire staff. (Sara, pictured left, with LMUD’s Office Supervisor, Joyce Henderson)

Nothing brings the team at LMUD more joy and pride in their work than being recognized by the people we serve. We are so thankful for the outpouring of support from our community showing their appreciation for the work we perform to keep safe drinking water flowing into homes, wastewater removed from homes, and an expanding recycled water system that helps conserve the amount of water taken out of Lake Travis. Our water operators, wastewater operators, field maintenance workers, and office staff are all public servants with the top priority of providing sustainable growth for our community with services that support environmental and public health initiatives. But we are not alone in these efforts.

The women of Lakeway’s Galloping Gourmets, a special interest group within the Lakeway Women’s Club, have been preparing and serving homecooked meals to thank the dedicated public servants of our community annually. Last year, COVID prevented them from hosting their annual luncheon. This year, since the Lakeway Activity Center has yet to open for such events, the Club decided to prepare and deliver delicious brownies and cookies to every employee from the Lakeway Activity Center, police department, fire department, city hall, local municipal utility districts, Lake Travis Library, and, in their own words, “others who make Lakeway a great place to live.”

On Thursday, April 15, Sara Scarberry and Paula Barcik dropped by the LMUD district office with treats for our entire staff: homemade brownies and cookies! Their accompanying letter of gratitude stated:

Thanks for making Lakeway such a great city!

– Galloping Gourmets of Lakeway Women’s Club

From all of us at LMUD: our sincere thanks to Sara, Paula, and the Galloping Gourmets for the care and thoughtfulness. We very much appreciate it, and look forward to resuming the luncheons when conditions allow.