Stage 2 Restrictions continue May 1-Sept 30 2017

Lakeway MUD Board of Directors voted to move to Stage 1 Restrictions effective immediately during the Regular Board meeting Wednesday, June 10, 2015.

Stage 1 restrictions between May 1 and September 30 call for the same watering schedules as Stage 2, which is twice per week according to the following guidelines:

For Odd Street addresses, Wed and Sat are irrigation days.
For Even Street addresses, Thurs and Sun are irrigation days.
Commercial customers may irrigate on Tue and Fri.

Just as in Stage 2, no watering is allowed between 10AM and 7PM.

The Board stresses that even though our conditions have improved greatly, our conservation efforts must continue.  While there are no restrictions on watering between Oct 1 and April 30, we ask that all users comply with the Stage 2 restrictions above at a minimum.  During the Fall and Winter months, very little irrigating is  needed and we can all contribute toward getting our storage up and ready for the coming summer.

The Board encourages all residents and businesses to continue the good water conservation habits we have all learned over the past few years.

Use Water Wisely!