Lakeway MUD Water Tank Taking Shape

LAKEWAY, Texas—Work continues on the Lakeway Municipal Utility District’s new 2-million-gallon water tank on Lakeway Boulevard.

Although the tank has been full of water and in operation as part of the district’s water distribution system since June 1, the tank exterior and site work are not finished, Richard Eason, general manager of the MUD, said.

Work had stopped for about a month while the MUD undertook redesign of the rock retaining walls, and reviewed the contractor’s details on landscaping and irrigation, Eason said. Also, the MUD evaluated the pilaster and arch construction details.

As of late July, work had resumed on additional rock walls that will allow higher dirt berms and enhance the landscaping. After that, pilasters and arches are to be installed and painted.

Eason said the tank’s exterior is scheduled to be completed by the end of August. After that, the site grading will occur, followed by irrigation and landscaping.