Lakeway Municipal Utility District launches anti-takeover petition drive

LAKEWAY, Texas—The Lakeway Municipal Utility District (MUD) has launched a petition drive in opposition to the City of Lakeway’s proposed MUD takeover.

Copies of the petition are available at Lakeway MUD’s offices at 1097 Lohmans Crossing Road. People also can sign an electronic version of the petition at [no longer an active link]. For more information, send an email to.

The petition urges the Lakeway City Council to abandon its proposed takeover of Lakeway MUD. The City Council voted in February to pursue the takeover.

“In starting this petition drive, supporters of the MUD’s continued independence hope the City of Lakeway will realize just how many people in the Lakeway area are against this proposed takeover, and we hope city leaders will drop this ill-conceived effort to absorb Lakeway MUD,” Tom Rogers, president of Lakeway MUD’s Board of Directors, said. “Lakeway MUD believes the district should remain a nonprofit, independent provider of safe, reliable water and wastewater services.”