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Learn to Be Water Wise: LMUD Open House, May 2024

Stop in any day this week! We’d love to meet with you in person. Our Open House is happening at our district office (1097 Lohmans Crossing) May 20 – 24, 2024 from 8am – 5pm, closed noon-1pm for lunch.

Presentations from experts in their field on various water-related topics will be held at 10am and 2pm daily (see below for schedule). No reservations are required, however we encourage you to arrive early since we have limited capacity. We’re covering a wide variety of topics on everything from tree care, native plants, rainwater capture, available rebates, and more. We are also hosting a special STEM activity for homeschoolers.

Enjoy refreshments while you peruse the available literature and goodies to take home, including water-saving information and fun/helpful household tools. We look forward to seeing you!

Schedule of Presentations

Monday, May 20, 2024

Common Mistakes in Tree Care
Presenter: Richard Leon, Forester, City of Lakeway
Improper planting, over trimming, and ineffective watering and mulching: learn how to correctly care for your precious established and new trees to help them grow to be strong and healthy. For more information on local tree care, visit: lakeway-tx.gov/325/Tree-Care.

WaterSmart/AMI Meter Technology
Presenter: Stephanie Threinen, Lakeway MUD
LMUD’s WaterSmart platform allows customers access to detailed information about their household water use. Customers are able to track their hourly and daily water usage, self-identify and resolve leaks, understand where their water is being used, compare their water use to similar households, and set water use alerts. For more information, visit: lakewaymud.org/update/watersmart.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Discussion of Rainwater Harvesting for Household Use
Presenter: Rick Scadden, local environmental engineer and resident
Rainwater capture and storage is a viable source of water and can be used for more than maintaining gardens and landscapes. Learn from a Bee Cave resident that has been exclusively using rainwater for his entire household, even during times of drought, for the past 25 years. Rick is a rainwater harvester prepared to share the tips and tricks he has learned through his successes and challenges.

Alternative Water Sources for Irrigation
Presenter: Stephanie Threinen, Lakeway MUD
LMUD’s expanded reuse water system offers opportunity for all properties backing the Live Oak golf course or Airpark to use recycled water for irrigation. Beyond this system, other non-potable water sources, including rainwater, graywater, and air conditioning condensate, are viable options for all Lakeway residents.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

‘One Water’ in the Texas Hill Country
Presenter: Marisa Bruno, Hill Country Alliance
With increases in human consumption and demand, our available fresh water will not be enough to sustain the incredible growth we are seeing in our region if we don’t change the way we think about it and use it. ‘One Water’ is a movement revitalizing the way we view, value, and manage water. Learn about how One Water can help residents and community leaders do more with less water through careful planning and putting good practices in place. For more information, visit: hillcountryalliance.org/our-work/water-resources/water-conservation/one-water-guidebook or texaswatertrade.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/TWT_24_NetZero_Toolkit_2024.pdf.

Getting Started with Native Plants
Presenters: Clarence Reed and Vickie Wilson, Native Plant Society of Texas
An excellent way to maintain a beautiful yard with less water is with native plants which require up to 80 percent less water than non-native plants. Available in a variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, replacing grass with native plant beds will not only help you conserve water, but create a relaxing oasis for your yard. Learn about some of our favorite native plants, their functional benefits, as well as what survives with the grazing deer in our area. Learn more at: npsot.org.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Geo Detectives: The Water Cycle: Homeschool STEM Activity
Presenter: Stephanie Threinen, Lakeway MUD
Bring your detective skills to find out about the amazing water cycle! Join in on a hands-on exploration of the natural world. Learn about exciting geography topics, then investigate further with a fun activity as well as ideas for projects to do at home and outside. We’ll answer questions such as: Where does rain come from? What happens during the water cycle and how do humans impact it?

WaterMyYard and LCRA Residential Rebate Programs
Presenter: Jack Jones, LCRA
Learn about offerings from LCRA: The WaterMyYard program is a free service that uses local weather data in sponsored areas to provide free weekly watering advice. For information on Water My Yard, visit watermyyard.org. The LCRA residential rebates program can help offset the cost of upgrading irrigation systems, maintaining landscapes and pools, and testing your soil to help you save water and money. For information on LCRA’s Residential Rebates, visit: lcra.org/water/watersmart.

Friday, May 24, 2024

ODWW Project Update
Presenter: Stephanie Threinen, Lakeway MUD
LMUD’s septic-to-sewer conversion project is an option available to residents in the first 17 sections of Lakeway (“Old Lakeway”). Learn about how far the Project has come since it first launched in 2018 and where we’re headed. Individual questions about your specific property can also be addressed. For information on the ODWW Project, visit lakewaymud.org/odww-project.

Understanding your Water Quality Report/Water Treatment
Presenter: Raf Mendoza, Lakeway MUD
Drinking Water Quality Reports provide you with important information about the quality of your drinking water and are published by your water utility on a yearly basis. Learn where your water comes from as well as how the water is treated to bring it up to drinking water standards. LMUD’s current Water Quality Report can be found at lakewaymud.org/about-us/about-your-water.