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Clean Pipes are Green Pipes

Take Care of Texas is a statewide campaign from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that provides helpful information on Texas’ successes in environmental protection and encourages all Texans to help keep our air and water clean, conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and save a little money in the process!

Simple steps to keep our water clean, protect public health, and avoid expensive plumbing repairs:

  • Don’t flush any type of wipes down the commode, even flushable wipes. Food can cling to them and build up more quickly in wastewater pipes.
  • Recycle used cooking oil or pour it into a sealable container and place it in the trash. Never pour oil or grease down the drain. If you have a lot of oil, mix it with cat litter a little at a time and pour it in a sealed bag in the trash.
  • Compost food waste when possible; otherwise, throw scraps in the trash.
  • Wipe dishes and cookware with a paper towel to remove grease, rather than running water over them. Don’t use cloth towels as the grease will end up in the sewer when you wash them.
  • Place a strainer in the sink to catch small pieces of food and eliminate your use of a garbage disposal. Food scraps of any kind can plug your home’s wastewater lines.
  • Never pour cooking oil, pan drippings, gravy, bacon grease, lard, shortening, butter, margarine, salad dressing, mayonnaise, creams, or sauces down the sink or toilet.
  • Use environmentally safe cleaning products, such as those that have the EPA Safer Choice label, instead of harsh detergents or cleaners that can damage sewer lines.

For more information, visit TakeCareofTexas.org. Stop by the LMUD district office located at 1097 Lohmans Crossing for more publications with water saving tips.