LMUD approves Self-installs for ODWW Project

New construction project may qualify for a Self-install if there is already a main sewer line near the property.

In response to a rapid influx of requests for an Early Connection to the Lakeway Municipal Utility District (LMUD) public sewer system from eligible property owners, and in an effort to increase the availability of approved connection requests within a specified timeframe, LMUD recently approved the option of performing Self-installs of a grinder pump system.

Prior to this policy change, property owners were limited to an LMUD-install. This meant waiting on LMUD’s availability to complete the installation. With this update, select property owners may now install the grinder pump system at their convenience with an installer of their choice, at their expense, once approval has been granted by LMUD, completed contracts have been submitted, and fees have been paid. The check valve box and final tie-in to the main line will still be completed by LMUD so approved property owners should schedule this installation with their LMUD representative once they know their anticipated completion date.

Eligibility for a self-install is limited to Early or Late Connection options. All Regular Connections will continue to be installed by LMUD and/or their subcontractors. Approval determination primarily consists of the extension requirements for bringing the main line to the property. Any required extensions will be provided by LMUD; approval is based on the feasibility of completing this extension within the property owner’s desired timeframe.

For all approved self-installs, LMUD will provide the property owner with the following supplies at no additional charge: all contents of the grinder pump tank and the control panel. LMUD will also provide detailed specs for the system as well as the required placement location of the grinder pump tank and control panel which the property owner’s installer is required to follow. Periodic and final system inspections must be scheduled with LMUD’s inspector (additional costs will apply if an inspection fails).

Dependent on availability, decommissioning the existing septic system (if applicable) may be handled by LMUD or property owner. The haul/ disposal of liquid/ solids septic tank waste requires completion of a Manifest Trip Ticket for Hauled Liquid Waste form that will be filed by LMUD with LCRA.

For property owners choosing an LMUD-install, an anticipated connection date based on the current project schedule will be provided at the time of approval, however this date is not guaranteed and will be adjusted based on factors such as weather, supply availability, urgency of need, and other potential project delays. For Early or Late Connections, the property owner will still be required to hire an electrician to bring 240-volt electricity to the control panel.

If interested, to see if you qualify for a Self-install, contact Stephanie Threinen, LMUD’s Public Information Liaison by phone (512-261-6222 ext. 175) or e-mail (stepht@lakewaymud.org).