Main Line Underway for ODWW Project, Phase 1

Lakeway MUD (LMUD) broke ground today for the main line that will offer the option of wastewater and recycled water services to the homeowners in Phase 1 of the Out of District Wastewater (ODWW) Project. This phase of the project affects approximately 230 single family homes, 81 condos, and 17 empty lots around the Live Oak Golf Course. Phase 2 will come later, expanding the wastewater option to an additional approximately 771 homes and 79 empty lots, making up the remaining properties in the affected area of the first 17 sections of Lakeway, an area designated with “Old Lakeway” signs at street intersections. Until this project, the majority of homeowners in this area have only had the option to remain on their existing septic system.

The LMUD field team broke ground on the golf course side of Lakeway Drive, near the entrance to the Live Oak Golf Course clubhouse on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Earl Foster, general manager for LMUD said, “We chose to start here because it was an easy place to start with access from a main road, plus the back nine of the golf course is still open for play while the front is currently undergoing maintenance.”

The trench being constructed will be used to bury a 6-inch recycled water line and 2-, 3-, or 4- inch wastewater line spanning approximately 6.45 miles.  Foster said, “We modeled Phase 1 based on the number of houses and velocity in pipe which dictates pipe size.” The trench being dug is approximately 8 inches wide; some areas require two trenches to be dug to accommodate both wastewater and recycled water pipes. The pipe, made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), is bedded in pea gravel material. Grass seed will be laid over the buried pipe later this summer.

The team is working quickly with a trencher to cut through the rocky soil, followed by a team to lay the pipe. Both teams are scheduled to work Monday thru Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. dependent on weather conditions.

All work for this main line will be completed in the City’s right-of-way as well as on Live Oak Golf Course property with granted approvals. The team will redirect the line around trees or bore under them, following the City’s arborist’s directives to help ensure all trees remain healthy and intact. Service provider lines, such as Spectrum and AT&T, have also been surveyed so residents should experience minimum impact during this portion of the project.

Property owners with LMUD accounts are being notified by the phone number and/or e-mail address on file about the construction as it reaches near their property. To ensure residents are being notified, account information can be updated on the LMUD website. Updates can also be made by phone at (512) 261-6222 x110 or in person at the LMUD main office located at 1097 Lohmans Crossing.

No residences will begin being hooked up to this new sewer system until all of the main line is run and the supporting infrastructure (force main and lift station) are completed. We plan to begin Phase 1 connections, for homeowners who choose to opt in to being hooked up, in Spring 2021 starting with the homes closest to hole one of the Live Oak Golf Course. Closer to this hook up date, LMUD will make every attempt to contact homeowners in person, by phone, e-mail, and/or in person to sign a service agreement indicating that they would like to be hooked up. Homeowners always have the option to remain on their septic system and incur no additional costs on their water bill. The option to hook up to the recycled water line will come at a later date once all opt-in homeowners have been hooked up to the new public wastewater system.

Questions concerning the project can be directed to Stephanie Threinen, LMUD Public Information Liaison at stephT@lakewaymud.org or (512) 261-6222 x175