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Test Your Knowledge at the Earth Day Fact Find

Update: Great job to everyone who participated in our Earth Day Fact Find. You are all very knowledgeable about ways to reduce waste and protect our environment to ensure a beautiful Lakeway for years to come.  We had over 60 entries! 3 winners of our conservation prize pack were chosen at random. Our 2021 Winners are Karen Fingerman, Katherine Ellins, and Tatum Weichman. Congratulations!

As part of The City of Lakeway’s Earth Day celebration, we have helped to sponsor the City’s Parks & Recreation department for an event that will test your environmental knowledge in a scavenger hunt style game!

From April 10 – April 25, find the ten Earth Day themed questions hidden in Lakeway City Park.

(Clues to these locations will be added to the City’s website here on April 10)

When you find a question, use your cell phone camera to scan the corresponding QR code. Then follow the link to answer the question in an online form.

You get an entry into the prize drawing for EACH question you find and answer correctly!


Here are few water-related facts from WaterSense to get your brain thinking about water conservation:

If you don't drink all the water in your glass, use it to water houseplants or flowers in the garden. Leftover ice cubes can go right into small plant pots; as they slowly melt, they will give the roots just the water they need. used paper towels and tissues belong in the garbage. Only flush the three Ps - pee, poop, and (toilet) paper. When you use the toilet as a trash can, you waste anywhere from one gallon of water to three gallons or more! If you're cleaning up after meals, scrape food scraps into the trash before loading the dishwasher. Washing and rinsing dishes in the sink uses a lot more water than the dishwasher, but only run the washer when it's full. A shower uses less water than filling the bathtub; just don't stand under the spray for too long! If you shorten your shower by just a minute, it will save two gallons of water. Use less shampoo, so it doesn't take long to rinse. Water doesn't need to be flowing while you are busy brushing your teeth, so why not turn it off and save a couple gallons? Also, be sure that the faucet is turned off tightly when you're done washing your hands...those drips become wasted gallons.