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Revised Pricing Structure, Sewer Project Update, Website Launch

As published in Lakeway Voice, November 2018.

News from Lakeway MUD (LMUD)

Important Conservation Announcement

Lakeway MUD is constantly striving to improve our conservation programs to better preserve our precious water resources. There is one area, however, that needs improvement. The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) in their Best; Management Practices Water Conservation Pricing guidelines sets out specific benchmarks for block rates. In an effort to more closely comply with the TWDB’s Best Management Practices, The LMUD Board of Directors has revised the pricing schedule for those customers as follows:




0-15k Gal. $2.50 $2.50
15-30k Gal. $3.25 $3.25
30-50k Gal. $3.75 $4.06
50-80k Gal. $4.30 $5.08
80-100k Gal. $5.00 $6.35
Over 100k Gal. $5.75 $7.94

These new prices for the upper tier users will be effective Oct 1, 2018 and will first appear on the LMUD bills as of Dec 1, 2018. Those customers using less than 30K gallons per billing cycle will see no change in their water rates. Thank you in advance for your understanding and assistance in this important
conservation initiative approved by your Board of Directors.

Also, the LMUD tax rate for 2018 was reduced from 0.1258 to 0.1158 per $100 evaluation.

Neighborhood Sewer Install Project Update

As many of you may remember, LMUD is in the process of providing the option of hooking up to a public sewer system to the home owners in the first 17 sections of Lakeway, the area designed with the Old Lakeway street signs. We have started to call this our “Out of District Wastewater Project” since these homes are, and will remain to be, “Out of District” LMUD customers, meaning they do not pay property taxes to LMUD like our “In District” customers. Because of this fact, this has been a tough project for us to decide how to fund, but we knew it was one that needed to be done. The majority of these homes are still on septic tanks, some as old as Lakeway’s origination in the late 60s/early 70s and are failing, causing environmental concerns with these homes being so close to the lake, not to mention large bills for the homeowners facing tens of thousands of dollars for a new septic tank that meets LCRA’s new regulations. For an outline of the plan, please visit our website. As of the May 9th LMUD board meeting, the plan to move forward with installation of the sewer system to Phase 1 has been approved. This will include construction of the majority of the required infrastructure needed to support the homes on this collection system as well as installation of the main wastewater collection lines to the residential properties along the Live Oak golf course, allowing approx. 265 homes to be connected to the new system. We will be holding public meetings on this plan in the near future. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

LMUD Launches New Website

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the launch of our new website! It was a long overdue project that we decided to make a priority once we rebranded ourselves with the new LMUD logo featuring the bright red “LMUD” on the golf ball water tower. Users will see that the site is much more functional and aesthetically appealing to be on par with today’s standard in website development. In addition, we developed a separate mobile version of the site for enhanced accessibility. We tried to make our site as user friendly as possible by placing quick and easy access points to essential information and resources, such as water schedules, board meeting agendas, and the online payment portal. We also added a staff page with headshots of each of our team members so you can feel confident with the people who show up at your home as well as get the contact information for specific department heads so we can get your questions answered faster. As always, our website will be updated regularly with meeting minutes and videos from each of our monthly board meeting, which are held the second Wednesday of the month at 9:30am at our office on Lohman’s and are open to the public. We will also regularly be adding content such as water conservation tips which is pertinent to the area because we want our community to feel comfortable coming to us with any of their potable water or wastewater questions and concerns. Please take a look at the new site and send us your feedback!

A big THANK YOU to the LMUD board of Directors and all the volunteer committee members who make this possible.

Please feel free to call us with any questions at 512/261-6222, email us at CustomerService@LakewayMUD.org. You can also visit our website at www.LakewayMUD.org for further information.