LMUD Contracts with Local Contractor for Portion of ODWW Project

Map of portion of ODWW Project contracted out to to Austin Engineering Company, Inc.

In 2018, Lakeway Municipal Utility District (LMUD) started plans for their Out of District Wastewater (ODWW) Project, to bring a public sewer system to the first 17 sections of Lakeway, after a residential survey revealed about 80 percent of property owners would choose to connect if it were made available. LMUD resolved to handle the majority of the work internally in an effort to control quality and minimize costs. However, to adhere to a completion schedule and minimize overhead costs, a portion of the work would need to be outsourced through a competitive bid process.

With Phase 1 of the Project underway, a bid was announced in February 2020 for the construction of three important components to aid in the extension of LMUD’s public sewer system to the approximately 330 additional properties around the Live Oak Golf Course (Phase 1) and eventually an additional approximately 920 properties that make up the remaining locations currently on septic in the first 17 sections of Lakeway (Phase 2). The work includes a new lift station, force main, and improvements to LMUD’s S-5 Water Recycling Plant.

During a special LMUD Board of Directors meeting held March 18, 2020, the bid was awarded to Austin Engineering Company, Inc. (AECO) for $4.589 million. Selection criteria included an evaluation of the three provided bids and due-diligence vetting of each bid. In accordance with the Texas Water Code, Christianne Castleberry, LMUD’s engineer concluded AECO’s bid provided the “best value” based on price, experience and reputation, past performance and quality of work, personnel to be assigned to the project, and methodology. Representatives from the participating bidders attended the special Board meeting, including Travis Keller, Vice President of AECO. Keller stated:

“I’m here twofold: one, to stand behind Austin Engineering’s bid and our commitment to finishing a good project and also as a citizen of Lakeway, I have a vested interest in this project to have it be successful.”

The work to be performed by AECO and their subcontractors is set to begin in April 2020 and be completed by February 2021. It encompasses an area of Lakeway that stretches the full length of Lakeway Airpark, past the Lakeway Swim Center on Lakeway Boulevard, and up Highlands Boulevard to the LMUD S-5 Water Recycling Plant. Few residential properties will be impacted other than homes along the Airpark; these residents will receive at least a 48-hour notice prior to the work start date as well as any additional users through NOTAM (Notice to Airmen).

Force Main Pipeline

The crew will construct approximately 7,400 feet of 10-inch wastewater force main pipeline and associated valve and meter vaults. As is consistent with all wastewater lines being run in the Phase 1 area of the project, the crew will also be running a recycled water pipeline in the same or a nearby trench alongside the force main on Airpark property and connect to existing recycled water piping located on Lakeway Boulevard. The work will include boring under Lakeway Boulevard and Trophy Drive to minimize the impact to traffic flow. This portion of the project is set to be completed by late October 2020.

Influent Screening Facility at LMUD’s S-5 Water Recycling Plant

AECO will also be constructing a new 5 million gallons per day (mgd) peak influent screening facility at the existing headworks of LMUD’s S-5 Water Recycling Plant off Highlands Boulevard to accommodate the expansion of the Plant. This portion of the project is set to be completed by late November 2020. The Plant will not need to be taken out of operation during this work.

Wastewater Lift Station

A new 980 gallons per minute (gpm) wastewater lift station is being constructed to accommodate the flow of wastewater from future sewer connections of properties as part of the ODWW Project to the S-5 Water Recycling Plant. It must be completed before Phase 1 properties can be connected to the sewer system, which is currently anticipated to begin in February 2021. The new lift station will be located adjacent to the Clubcorp Golf Course Maintenance Facility off Lakeway Drive behind the Live Oak Golf Course driving range. It will be protected behind a 6-foot fence. The work includes installation of approximately 4,600 feet of 6-inch diameter recycled water piping and approximately 1,125 feet of new 8-inch wastewater gravity piping to reroute flows from an existing lift station on the Airpark property (insufficiently sized for the additional connections) which will be decommissioned and removed. This portion of the project is set to be completed by early February 2021.

All work will follow proper protocols including provisions for erosion control, tree protection, utility locates, traffic control, and adherence to all necessary City permitting requirements. Working hours are allowed from 8am to 7pm seven days a week with earlier start times in non-residential areas. The crew has received permission to park at the Swim Center if needed. Equipment and supply storage areas are being accommodated by LMUD.

Lakeway residents with any concerns about this project can contact LMUD at (512) 261-6222, ext. 175.

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