ODWW Project Timeline

Lakeway Municipal Utility District (LMUD), the local water provider, is in the process of implementing the Out of District Wastewater (ODWW) Project, offering affected property owners the option to connect to a public sewer system. The Project impacts the first 17 sections of Lakeway, an area with properties currently primarily served by personal septic systems, many of which are aging and failing beyond repair. This is a completely voluntary option to property owners in the affected area – no property owner is required to connect. The initial phase of the project, Phase 1, consists of properties around the Live Oak Golf Course. Phase 2, to be completed after Phase 1, includes all other properties in the project’s coverage area.

Property owners facing a need to connect prior to their property’s expected connection date may be offered an option to connect early if they have issues that need immediate attention or are new construction and are located within an area that LMUD already has main sewer lines nearby.

Total Properties in Project Area: Approx. 1,300

Total Properties in Phase 1: Approx. 330

Total Properties in Phase 2: Approx. 920

Quick Reference Links

ODWW Project Updates  |  Project Q&A  |  Phase 1 & Phase 2 Map

System Maintenance Guidelines  |  Project Fees & Rates  |  Early or Late Sewer Connection Checklist

Required Connection Forms (fill out upon approval): Service Contract  |  Installation Contract

Required for New Builds & Remodels: Plumbing Permit Application

Approx. Date*


MAY 2017 First Reference to Project Published in Lakeway Voice
FEBRUARY 2018 First Public Meetings Held To Collect Survey Indicating Homeowner Interest in Project
DECEMBER 2018 Pilot Project Initiated with First Residential Connection
MAY 2018 Board of Directors Approves Phase 1
MAY 2019 Second Public Meetings Held to Give Update on Project
MAY 2019 Break Ground for Phase 1
SEPTEMBER 2019 Board Approves Rate Order to Include Maintenance Fee for all Customers with a Grinder Pump
MARCH 2020 Collect Bids & Award Contract for Lift Station, Force Main, and S-5 Water Recycling Plant Improvements Project
APRIL 2021 Complete Lift Station, Force Main, and S-5 Water Recycling Plant Improvements
MAY 2021 Begin Connecting Phase 1 Locations to Public Wastewater System (“Regular” Connections)
OCTOBER 2023 Begin Collecting Recycled Water Contracts from Phase 1 Property Owners. Begin Collecting Installation Contracts from Phase 2 Property Owners.
December 2025* Complete Phase 1 “Regular” Connections.** Begin Connecting Phase 1 Locations to Recycled Water System.
January 2026* Begin Connecting Phase 2 Locations to Public Wastewater System (“Regular” Connections)
2030* Complete Phase 2 “Regular” Connections to Public Wastewater System**

*Future dates are based on current best-guess estimates. Last updated: April 2024

**Late Connection continues to remain an option to all property owners in the Project area.

For questions or comments concerning this project, please contact:

Stephanie Threinen,
LMUD Public Information Liaison
Phone: (512) 261-6222 ext. 175
E-mail: stepht@lakewaymud.org

Office Location:
1097 Lohmans Crossing
Lakeway, TX 78734